„The end of Medicine as we know it.“

Medical practice and research are stagnating whilst costs are increasing. Our current „solution“ of calling a symptom in an organ a disease and chronically treating without curing it and without much benefit for patients, because we don’t understand its molecular cause comes to an end. Its successor, systems medicine, will be the next big socio-economic revolution after the previous IT revolution. Using big data in medicine, generating your own digital twin will totally change what we call a disease, how we diagnose and cure it, and ideally prevent it. This podcast provides concrete tipps to live with the current situation and cuts through many myths, focusses on evidence, and gives an outlook into the future, which has already begun. Be part of it. Knowing = health. Twitter @teomawki1 and @hhhw_schmidt, E-mail harald.schmidt@mac.com, Web haraldschmidt.online, Groups on Signal and Threema.

Book and Podcast to be released March/April 2022

World Government Forum 2019, Dubai